Law n: 2022-012, Amending Finance Law for 2022

With an average inflation of 8% during this year 2022, probably rising to 9.2% in December which will stabilize at 7% in 2023, the Malagasy economy is facing the Ukraine-Russia war, the natural scourges of the first quarter, the COVID pandemic. An agricultural economic plan is put in place, particularly in terms of rice. See the details



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Law n°2022-012 amending Finance Law for 2022

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Extension of the deadline to July 19, 2022 following the implementation of the "e-reimbursement" module.

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Convention Multilatérale d'Assistance Administrative Mutuelle en matière Fiscale (MAAC)

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Anjara Hetrako Mey 2022

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Declaration, Payment, and Filing Financial Statements IR 2021
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