The steps to follow for the payment of the exceptional deposit on e-Hetra

Pursuant to the provisions provided for in the press release from the Directorate General of Taxes dated May 12, 2021, following the calculation of the forecast Income Tax (IR), for situations:

- creditors: payment of the exceptional deposit is not mandatory by the May 21, 2021 deadline. However, the final filing of the IR declaration must be made by June 15, 2021 at the latest;

- deficit: the payment of the minimum collection as well as the final filing of the IR declaration must be made no later than June 15, 2021;

- showing amounts payable:

     those who are able to make the final IR filing by May 21, 2021, they should not use the exceptional deposit and can proceed as follows:

    either pay the IR due in full;
    either pay half of the IR due on May 21, 2021 and the other half before June 15, 2021;

    those who are unable to make the final IR filing by the May 21, 2021 deadline:

     they must pay an exceptional deposit corresponding to half of the estimated IR by the May 21, 2021 deadline;
     they must make the final IR deposit due no later than June 15, 2021 and pay the rest after consideration of the exceptional deposit. find out more

How to use HetraOnline

From now, HetraOnline allows you to make your declaration, and proceed to payment by bank transfer ... read more

How to use " eHetraPayment"?

The bank account management function allows you to register and manage the company's bank accounts that can be used for online tax payment transactions.

Here is the user guide for eHetra Payment, a step-by-step guide for users to facilitate your online payment.

How to fill the excel file for ISI reporting?

The file uploaded to HetraOnline is a file that supports macros, meaning that the file is, in itself, a kind of tool for filling the annex. see more

How to send ISI reporting file?

The reporting tool from the Schedule to the ISI return is therefore made available to the taxpayer to simplify their ISI return, over time as they can do so at any time and in space, as they can do so anywhere, without moving to the tax services offices (except for cash payments). see more

The way to fill the excel file for sending IRSA reporting

Microsoft Excel software (version 2007 or later versions) is recommended for filling in the IRSA Annex file. See the manual

Sending IRSA reporting on line

The reporting tool from the Schedule to the IRSA return has been developed with the aim of reducing tax procedures and allowing taxpayers to have another platform to file their returns. But also, it is part of the continuity of the implementation of the Hetraonline. See the manual

Data management procedures 2017

The fact of following the procedures described in the present textbook should allow a uniform treatment of the operations made in all the fiscal centers on the area of the territory, surrounding the declarative obligations, the tax calculation, its covering as well as the actions of control which the administration is called to make. The gaps with regard to these procedures as well as better manners to proceed being able to possibly be of use as base to improvements will be the object of discussions before validation and distribution to be worth general instruction.

Data management procedures

Tax receipt, tax control, administrative recourses, penality ...

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