• Fight against the Coronavirus: USD 186.4 million disbursed out of USD 671.73 million requested
    In Midi de Madagascar from July 30, 2020

  • Refund of VAT credit - The period for filing applications again postponed
    In The Truth of July 22, 2020.


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    Yesterday, Monday, November 21, 2022, at the Zomatel Anjoma Fianarantsoa, ​​the official opening ceremony of the ANJARA Hetrako event and the establishment of the e-Hetraphone service for the upper zone of Matsiatra, Amoron'i and Ihorombe , which was headed by the Director General of Taxes GERMAIN, in the presence of the Secretary General of the Governorate Matsiatra ANDRIAMBOAVONJY Tahiana, Head of the Prefecture of Fianarantsoa RALAIARISON Thierry, Mayor of Fianarantsoa RATSIMBAZAFY Sahondra. Six days are reserved for these areas, and Fianarantsoa, ​​Ambalavao, Ambohimahasoa, Ambositra, Manombobe and Ilakaka will be visited from November 21 to 26.

    Some of the areas that have the greatest economic strength are the areas for which the Matsiatra tax administration is responsible: cattle breeding, tea and wine production, essential oil processing and many types of businesses. already fills 10% of the gross domestic product. or "national GDP". Mining always helps them. However, there are still 28,251 tax payers, out of the millions of people who already have a business or “working population”. It is therefore very necessary to encourage citizens to meet their tax obligations with conviction, whether for those who are not yet within the legal closure, or those who are already known by the tax authorities but complicated, summary: why these areas were chosen.

    In her speech, the Mayor pointed out the great efforts of the government to reach out to the private sector. He also thanked the activity of the representatives of traders and businessmen who came to attend this ceremony. Mr. Prefect reminded the importance of accountability and Mr. Director General of Taxes emphasized the importance of accountability, turning to all the attendees: "Izay soa raha atao no miavotse".


    MONTH OF OCTOBER - The DGI approaches the beneficiaries

    The month of October marks, for the General Administration of Taxes, the closeness with businessmen and taxpayers:

    - My Tax Role event in the South West region from October 10 to 15, 2022,

    - A double exhibition, the "International Salon of Economic Actors" at CCI Ivato from 13 to 16 October 2022 and the "International Salon of Habitat" at Forello Expo Tanjombato from 20 to on October 23,

    - And a meeting with the members of the Maison de la PME at the Société Générale Bank Analakely last Friday, October 21, where they were informed of all the ways to contact DGI and the strategy of welcoming the beneficiaries- tax payer.

    The DGI listens or "the DGI à l'écoute", a meeting with small and medium-sized entrepreneurs benefiting from the assistance of the Maison de la PME

    The businessmen employed at the meeting on the afternoon of Friday, October 21, were informed of the strategy of communication and reception of taxpayers, which was developed by the DGI.

    Reception at the tax office, phone calls, communication on the telecommunications network, letters and emails, all of this is set to facilitate communication between the government and the taxpayers. The purpose of this is to establish satisfactory services and procedures to encourage taxpayers to complete their tax obligations without being forced.

    It was highlighted at that time that the DGI is an Agency that approaches, listens and really receives the comments of the taxpayers, so as a continuation of this, this sharing will be opened to the public soon.

    Participation in the "Salon International des Acteurs Economiques" and the "Salon International de l'Habitat"

    He participated in the "Salon International des Acteurs Economiques" event or SIAE, which was organized by the Ministry of Promotion of Industry, Trade and Consumerism and brought together national and international economic actors. national, from October 13 to 16, also the DGI.

    As is the practice every year, the colleagues from the different departments of the DGI joined together to welcome the visitors of the XX edition of Salon International de l'Habitat.

    In conclusion, many people were interested in the strategies followed and the details of the fulfillment of the tax obligations. We also did not forget the facilitation of obtaining the tax payer's card during the four days at the Forello expo Tanjombato.

    Participation in the International Housing Fair from October 20-23 at the Forello Tanjombato Zone.

    Weeks of "Anjara Hetrako": Atsimo andrefana 10th to 15th October 2022

    South West Tax Role:

    The visit of the DGI team to Toliara, Ankililoake and Morombe from October 10 to 15 attracted more than 1700 new taxpayers.

    The event was officially opened at Etoile de mer Toliara, which was attended by Dr. TOVONDRAINY Ranoelson Edally, Governor of the South West Tovohery region and Mr. ANDRIATSIRIHASINA Tovohery, Technical Advisor and representative of the Minister of Economy and Finance and the elected and appointed people from the region. It was noted that the desire of the local government officials to join the cooperation of the government and DGI and especially the training of the internal tax collectors.

    It is therefore expected that this event will continue in other districts.

    15 Oktobra 2022 at Befandriana and Morombe.


    14 Oktobra 2022 : Ankililaoka  and Antsamieva.

    13 Oktobra 2022 in Sanfily


    12 Oktobra 2022 in Tsianaloka

    11 Octobre à ankilifaly bazar Scama

    10th October in Ankilisaofilira

    Taxpayer's Charter of Rights and Obligations

    The purpose of this taxpayer's charter is to inform citizens of their rights and obligations in general. This charter is a synthetic summary of the provisions of the General Tax Code and its implementing texts.
    Complying with the tax law is one of the essential civic acts. Tax measures are numerous, evolving and too often perceived as complex. They may be interpreted differently according to the respective interests of the readers: this is why the DGI has drawn up an Application Guide which can be consulted online on the DGI website. This Guide is regularly updated. However, only the provisions of the CGI, approved by parliament during the vote on the annual finance law, have the force of law. Download

    Verified taxpayers Charter

    Out of respect for the principle of consent to taxation, taxpayers want an equitable distribution of public burdens. As such, it is perfectly legitimate for the Administration to control the operation of the declaration system, while respecting the rights of citizens, the freedom of enterprise, the rights of the defence, the means of appeal and the application of fair penalties. Download

    Education citoyenne au civisme fiscal,

    Round table around the theme " is it just to pay the taxes while our country soaks in the poverty? ", 

    Livened upby the team of the Direction of the Vocational training DGI / DFP. MEETING organized by the Association of the students CNTeMad Miray.

    see the video 

    Awareness-raising activities quite azimuths for the optimization of fiscal receipts s

    ee the video

    Women's day 2018

    Interview of Madam RAKOTOARIMANANA Landy Volahanta, Head of the Center Fiscal IVth district.

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    " I like my Country, I pay my taxes, I carry out the duty "

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  • La fiscalité à visage humain

  • Recrutement de 40 élèves inspecteurs des impôts dans le cadre des concours d'entrée à l'ENAM.

  • Pour sécuriser les recettes fiscales.

  • fiscalité: ni création de nouveaux impôts ni hausse de taux.

  • Recouvrement fiscal du 1er trimestre 2009

  • Environnement fiscal: Madagascar figure parmi les pays à harcèlement anormal.

  • L’Ecole nationale d’Administration de Madagascar (ENAM),

    Ils étaient ainsi 201 à recevoir leurs diplômes, notamment avec le titre d’inspecteurs d’administration pénitentiaire, de commissaires de commerce et de la concurrence, d’inspecteurs des domaines et de la propriété foncière et d’inspecteurs des impôts. 

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  • Baisse minimum des recettes fiscales

  • « Seuls les impôts constituent un véritable levier pour faire développer vraiment Madagascar de façon indépendante et durable. C’est pourquoi chaque citoyen se doit de participer au Développement du pays, à travers le paiement des impôts. » selon le Président de la république ... La suite 


    FIGHT AGAINST ILLICIT FINANCIAL FLOWS: Signing of an agreement in view (THE TRUTH): Transparency and data sharing. Madagascar is committed to the African Union’s Agenda 2060 on combating illicit financial flows (Ffis). A delegation led by Richard Randriamandrato, Minister of Economy and Finance and composed of the Director General of Taxes, Germain, the Director of Tax Legislation and Litigation Miandry Rakotondramanana, as well as Hajarivony Andriamarofara of the World Bank, attended the meeting as part of the 10th anniversary of the World Forum. The event took place on 26-27 November in Paris, at the OECD Conference Centre or Organisation for Cooperation and Development.On the sidelines of this forum, the Directorate-General for Taxes (DGI) also approached the African Union’s Commission for Economic Affairs. Discussions focused mainly on combating illicit financial flows, including tax evasion and smuggling. An agreement is in sight to materialize Madagascar’s ambition in terms of recovery in tax collection. “We anticipate ratification of this convention this month. Its signature will enable DGI to obtain information on the financial movements of multinational companies (Fmns) located in the country.

    20% CORN AND BLE TAXATION: “No impact on market prices” (THE TRUTH): Under consideration in the Senate. The Finance Bill (PLFI) 2020 creates at this time a great controversy with local operators. The focus of the discussion is on the value-added taxation of corn and wheat. Agriculture and livestock professionals are concerned that prices of these products and their derivatives, such as feed, may rise. Questioning the subject yesterday in Antaninarenina, Mr Germain, Director General of Taxes (DGI), says the opposite. According to him, this taxation does not affect the price of maize on the domestic market. 80% of the population live on agriculture and livestock. The majority of them are farmers. 

    The law stipulates that enterprises with an income of 200 million ariary are subject to VAT, which is not the case in the informal sector. For the SIM, these provisions run counter to the challenge of developing industrialization and kill the Malagasy industry which is currently struggling to keep up with the abundance of import products in the territory. The opacity of the allocation of certain provisions contained in the bill is one of the points criticized by the CCOC.

    The confirmation of the Minister of Communication and Culture is confirmed by the initial finance bill for 2020 which provides for a Senate with 18 members against 63 who compose the current upper house with majority HVM.