LFI 2024

- Support for accelerated growth, continuity of industrialization policies, incentives for private investment to stimulate job creation,

 - the strengthening of the implementation of the National Policy for Emerging Decentralization remain key sectors essential in the development process in Madagascar,

- Reduction of 30% of special duties and taxes for local processing of mining products (3.5% rate instead of 5%); see more



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Communiqué relatif à la candidature aux élections legislatives

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Avis au public relatif à la mise à jour des renseignements sur le contribuble dans Nifonline suite au communiqué n°4149-2023-MEF/SG/DGI du 03 Novembre 2023

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Tax Procedures Code for 2024

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Tax code for 2024

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The procedures for contradict redress
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